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      About Us Kernel Technology Service

      Jiangmen pengjiang wealth purifying pegatron tai electric appliance co., LTD., founded in 2002, is located in the scenic tourist city of jiangmen, guangdong Midwest from zhuhai connecting guangzhou shenzhen dongguan Hong Kong foshan guangzhou-zhuhai west Jiang Zhu jiang zhao jiang's and coastal highway entrances and exits just 5 minutes from the company covers an area of more than 10000 square meters, registered capital of 10 million yuan, the collection research and development production and sales in the integration of Thai science and technology industrial base, for the company's sustainable development and prosperous future laid a solid foundation in 2011, the company get private technology enterprises in guangdong jiangmen high-tech enterprises In 2018, the company was awarded with honorary titles such as Jiangmen Science and Technology Special Staff Station of National High-tech Enterprise.

       Company seriously carry out strict control process to meet customer needs to pursue continuous improvement as the quality policy, established a complete set of conform to the company's operating management system and the actual operation specification, and in strict accordance with ISO 9001:2015 version international quality system normal operation, always maintain its product competitive advantage to the world leading position.

      Since the company since its establishment has been focused on the pump research and development of improvement and innovation in recent years, the company's technical team to conduct a comprehensive in-depth research of sanitary ware industry market, combined with the company's unique professional and technical ability to develop test validation and optimization design, in 2013 unveiled its first new bathroom industry disruptive products without pump series massage pump! This series of products have obtained national patent 120 multinomial, and several well-known brands at home and abroad set up a partnership, such as: TOTO ROCA heng jie nine animal husbandry le live inax Mr Sierra raffaele bendandi anwar wrigley Apollo method of gold standard beauty jia Ottoman monitor, high benefit and instant without massage pipeline pump rewrite enterprise line standard, build intelligent sanitary ware market, leading the global imperative.

      Shuo Tai company adheres to the enterprise spirit of excellence, self-confidence, innovation and enterprising, takes the brand behind famous brand as the enterprise mission, and makes users risk-free products with professional technology, high-quality products, first-class service and pragmatic attitude. Stride to the world.

      Pipeless Massage Pump:

      • No Pipeline: No pipeline,no water residue;odourless and tasteless,prevent bacterial growth!
      • High Efficiency Installation: No pipeline and connector,no need to call the glue;simple installation,eliminating the hidden trouble of leakage!
      • Strong Driving Force: "0" power consumption straight jet flow;bring people super comfortable massage and relaxation effect!
      • Ultra-long Lifespan: The working time is up to 20000h;unparalleled service life!
      • Energy Saving: The pump power is 30-80W;save energy than traditional massage bath crock more than 79.6%!
      • Safty & Reliability: Structure of complete separation of water and electricity;electrically charged part of massage pump is completely independent!
      • Auto Air-in: With Negative Pressure air intake function;automatically adding air to water without an additional gas pump!
      • Super Quiet: Reasonable structure,compact design;working noise < 40dB!
      • Simple Cleaning: Remove pump cover,clean the pump with shower or brush directly!
      • Convenient Maintenance: Reasonable simple structure;easy to be installed and removed;easy maintenance!
      In the data arrangement...

      Massage bath crock pipe-free pump

      Foot basin pipeless massage pump series

      Drain pump series

      Wash pump series

      Vegetable cleaning machine pipeless massage pump series

      Electric control box series

      Waterproof power supply series

      Inlet valve/solenoid valve series

      Other fittings series

      Pipe Free SPA Whirlpool Bathtub

      Water Drainage series

      Copyright © Jiangmen Shuotai Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. 粤ICP备12001336号-1
      Address: Jangdu West Road No.99, DuruanTown, Pengjiang District, Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province, China.  Tel: 0086-0750-3655601  Fax: 0086-750-3655605

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